Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve? Really?

How can it be the end of 2011 already? Didn't I just buy a Highlander (my very first new vehicle I've ever even partly owned)? It can't be over 10 months since we drove it home from the dealership, taking turns on the hour long drive home.

Once upon a time, New Year's Eve was a time to get together with friends, drink prodigious quantities of alcohol, watch the ball drop on TV and just be silly in an adult type of way. Now? Well, I'm sitting at a computer screen typing into the ether (and wondering if anybody will ever start to read my aimless wanderings) while my loving 5 year old and husband play a new Wii game that RP got for Yule from Grandpa and Grammy.

Isn't it wonderful when Daddies and sons play nicely together?

And what are they playing, you might ask? Well, the following pictures might help you to figure that out ... 

The dog is stretched out as far as she can with from her paw-pits/mid-ribs down IN her bed and the rest of her body OUT of her bed.  I can't figure out why she almost never has all of her body in her bed ... usually it's her hips and hind legs in and the rest of her body stretched out in front along the carpeted floor. I don't quite understand her need to only cushion the hind end of her body, but she seems to be happy with it ...

Micah - aka "Professor Fluffybuns" - is stretched out near a dining room chair just preening in his fluffiness and enjoying being a well-fed rescue who is loved and pampered with his very own silly Mastiff to attack, I mean play with. I have no idea where Dylan has hidden himself.

Earlier this week we were visited by Grampa, Grammy, Aunt Annemarie and Tori. This was the first time that Tori has visited our house and the third time I have seen her in person. 

She looks quite a bit like her mommy at this age, with curls she received from both sides of the family. Luckily, RP has learned that his younger cousins are to be treated gently and he's very good with them. Then again, he did get quite a bit of practice with this from playing with his cousin on Daddy's side, Chase.

I just love how much he loves playing with younger kids. After all, there is an age difference between the two that is exactly 2 weeks shy of being 3 years. He also has very little gender "exclusivity with the toys. He very gladly accepted Tori's new "singing teddy bear" to dance with in the Living Room. I am so proud of my little guy!

No Yule visit would be complete without terrorizing Grandpa! It really warms my heart to see my dad playing with his name-sake and really having fun. After having grown up in the military, I didn't get much of a chance to see my dad PLAYING. The joy he takes in RP melts my heart in a way that I just can't put into words. I regret that RP will never know my Mom, but I am very grateful that he gets to know his Grandpa and play with him. My own Grandpa Jones wasn't much for playing with us grandkids the same way that Dad plays with RP. I don't really know why, other than that Grandpa Jones was an only child so maybe he never really learned how to play with kids and then he was a parent during the mid 40's through the 60's so the culture was one in which fathers didn't spend a lot of time playing with their kids.

Well, as another holiday season closes out and the year of 2011 draws down to a close; I have to say that overall it's been a pretty decent year. There have been some ups and downs, but we made it to the end of the year without loss in the family and with our minds almost as intact as they were at the beginning of the year. I hope that 2012 treats the world gently and kindly. For all of my friends and family, I hope that we all enjoy good health (or as good as we can) and joy this coming year. So Mote it Be.

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