Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Introducing .... MYSELF

Since this is my first blog posting, maybe I should introduce myself and let everybody know a little bit about me and my past. Also, please bear with me as I've never kept a blog in my life.

I am currently 42 years old and have a 5 year old son. Yes, it was a bit late in life to have a child, but I was told from the time I was about 16 that I would NEVER have a child due to some medical issues. I believed what I had been told for almost two decades after that diagnosis before discovering that it was incorrect. Thankfully, I had little problem as a "person of advanced maternal age" getting pregnant with my son. I am truly blessed.

I am a Long-haul trucking "widow. My husband works for a trucking company and is gone from home for most of the week (some weeks he's only home for about 30 hours before leaving for the road again). I also am a person with Fibromyalgia and other chronic medical issues that have rendered me disabled.

I am a Reformed Druid. What this means is that I have taken my hereditary Druidry and my Lakota heritage and merged them into the path that makes the most sense to me. I have family members who are Christian, family members who are Wiccan, family members who are Agnostic and family members who were raised with a Christian/Jewish/Druid background. Becuase my family is so diverse, I respect everybody's beliefs as "this is what makes the most sense TO THEM, so who am I to judge?" I do not "cast spells" - I direct energy in much the same way the Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Buddhist-etc world prays.

I also am a Healer. This means that I direct energies in order to help someone who is sick, hurting, scared etc. I "lay my hands on" people, I direct energies long-distance, I talk to people on the phone or the Internet and I have had enough success to determine that this is one of the duties I have in this life. It is very much similar to being a nurse or physician except that I don't have all the school background that they do. I am just as committed to healing people as they are.

I am hoping that this space will be funny, touching and relevent to other people and not just a forum for me to complain about stuff. But who knows? With the way my life is, it could wind up sounding like a pity-party sometimes.

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