Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Never-Ending Present Pile

As I slowly wrap the Yule gifts for our family, I am struck by the fact that the pile is growing and growing. It already is fairly respectable for a family of 3 ... and I am not even halfway done. I still have most of RP's gifts to wrap yet and a few of Patrick's as well.

Have I mentioned yet that one of the reasons I love being a "store" owner is the resources I have for creative gift wrapping? I love going to my supplier's website to see what the latest holiday wrapping paper looks like. The cost per roll is "high" ... but each roll that I buy is 100 FEET of paper so when you get down to how much people spend per roll of comparable paper ... it really is more cost-effective. The average roll of paper is only about 20 - 30 feet so I get more than 3 commercial rolls' worth of paper - and since I like the holographic paper (which usually comes in 15 foot rolls and is more expensive) it works out to more than FIVE rolls' worth of paper on each of my rolls.

Is it true that I only have a WEEK to get everything wrapped and then all my work will be destroyed in just a few days' time? Whew! I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into the spirit of the holidays right now. I'm just too tired and feeling a bit blue and anxious all at the same time. My little guy is keeping life interesting right now - notice that Woody from Toy Story is visiting the Yule village. I have no idea how he thinks he can fit into any of those houses ... though maybe he's there to help maintain the light in our lighthouse.

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