Monday, May 21, 2012

One Month and Ten Days

We have a month and 10 days before we head off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for our week at the beach. YAAAY! RP is getting anxious to go and Patrick and I can't wait to get there, either. We always have fun during our week on the sand, and I'm planning on getting another tattoo for my left shoulder. I just can't wait to hit the waves and just relax and have fun!

Now it's time to make sure we have clothes that fit so we can pack up before we go. I've been buying shorts for myself on eBay as well as a few dresses (one I may alter to make shorter) and last night I ordered some new shirts and pajamas for the little guy. I'm "giving in" and not worrying about my weight right now, so I need to make sure I have stuff that fits my currently larger body. RP keeps insisting on growing taller (though not much wider) so he needs new shirts that he can wear both in the water and out. I did buy him 2 rashguards for the beach and pool which will help - especially after he gets his annual sunburn.

I also have gone ahead and paid for a "Sunny Day Guide" to be sent to us. This is the little magazine that has ads and coupons in it for OBX stuff. We can use the copy we'll get in the mail to maybe plan out a special excursion while we're at the beach. We can also plan out maybe some places to go and eat a meal at a "fine dining establishment" to save me from cooking all of our meals while we're there. While we will be on a budget, we can still have a bit of fun and eat a meal or two away from the place we're renting for the week.

I am already planning what we need to pack and when I need to start packing it. I'm not sure where the pre-packing bug comes from ... whether it's a residual effect of being raised as an Air Force Brat, a residual effect of being raised a Jones, a survival thing due to the Fibro or just my own little quirk. I'm afraid that if I don't pre-pack that I'll forget something important. I can't remember very well how early we packed when I was growing up and we were heading to the Lake (Middle Cullen Lake in Minnesota - halfway between the towns of Nisswa and Pequot Lakes) for our week or two of "leave" time. I somehow get the feeling that this pre-packing insanity comes from a combination of being a military dependent and being a Jones with added intensity of knowing the Fibro fog can strike at any time. I do have a hazy memory or two of packing up the station wagon a couple of hours before we have to leave in the middle of the night, climbing into the vehicle and heading out before we kids fell back asleep for a few hours. I also know that my inability to fall asleep in the front passenger seat is a habit picked up when I was a teenager and we went on family trips. The front seat passenger is the "co-pilot" who is responsible for keeping the driver awake, getting tolls ready, opening drinks for the driver and anything else to assist the driver during a long trip. Therefore, the front seat passenger is not allowed to sleep. Even more than 20 years after I left my parents' house, I can't shake that training.


  1. is it working? I read it this morning and I wish I had the urge to prepack, seems like everything in my life is done at the last minute lol

  2. Sounds like fun, Cat! Maybe some year we'd be able to join you! :)

  3. IT WORKED!! Thank you, ladies!

    Lea, I really think it must be my own insanity since Patrick really can't understand the whole concept of pre-packing. He's a "last minute" type of guy for everything.

  4. Well here goes, I too like to 'prepack' so maybe military, maybe ( unrelated) Jones, maybe fibro. Maybe a combo of all three. I really wanted to go, but so many things have come up here and lack of funds, mean I cant And the whole dog thing. Though I would deal with the dog thing to be with you. Love you Cat!