Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pregnant Guppies and Rasboras

Ok. We have 5 yellow fancy guppy fry and the one survivor from the leopard tail spawning. Now our red-gold rasbora female is VERY pregnant and it looks like my two new green fancy guppy females came in pregnant as well. EEK! Can you say fry explosion is imminent? *sigh* My friend Doreene can only take so many of the fry (and I don't want to overload her on one type) so I'm facing what I can do in terms of re-homing some of these fry at some point. I don't have a nursery tank for the fry (but that may become something we have to get) so I can only keep fry for so long before I HAVE to find them new places to live. Patrick just told me a friend of his sells their guppy fry to pet stores ... so maybe I can look into that. Especially as we start to get the cross-breeding going to get some really interesting fry. But for now ... what the HECK am I gonna do? Within the next 4 weeks we will have so many fry it won't be funny.

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